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New guitarist makes the band whole again!

Well, it finally happened. After about a year and 1/2 search, LIPSHOK found a fantastic guitarist by the name of Scott Bullerwell. OMG. He fits this band like a glove and we finally have the sound we have been after for years and that certainly goes with the newest CD that Glen Avelais did all the guitar work on. Scott fills up the guitar parts and now we even sound like the CD. A-maz-ing. If you haven't been to a Lipshok show for a while, you are missing out on our new sound, new music, and with our new guitarist. The best part is that there is going to be more to come as Scott writes and he can contribute so much. Plus he has the coolest 7 strings...

Anyways, I, Scarlett, your author, is obviously thrilled for this new journey.

Jun 21, 2017 @ 9:49 AM

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